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Security and supervision

Creating Users

Joomla users are automatically added to your document management interface.


Advanced management rights

A customer should not be able to see the competitor documents.
NetExplorer offers its own management rights to assign permissions on each folder and each user or group.


Monitor activity on the platform NetExplorer

With the event logs NetExplorer, you can view the entire activity of the platform in real time.
You can subscribe to events to receive automatic email.

Use quotas on folders

It is possible to apply quotas to use disk space on each application folder, but also to limit the disk space for each user.


Management of the trash*

To avoid deleting a file by mistake, NetExplorer incorporates a trash. Find it in all of your deleted files and folders, and restore in 1 click. Default deletion moves the files to the trash, but you can use the key combination Shift + Delete to delete the file directly.
Each user hasown trash and can manage deleted files independently.
Like most features, you can enable or disable the trash in the configuration settings.


Administration Delegation **

With the delegation of Directors, group leader can manage users, permission or email alerts only within their group.

  • the administrator only has to look after the creation of users, each group is autonomous.
  • share the management of the administration like the different departments in your business (accounting, sales, marketing, secretarial, computer ...)



Total interfacing with LDAP Active Directory ***

NetExplorer has a real connection to LDAP: users of the directory are not duplicated in NetExplorer, NetExplorer connects directly to the directory in real time. This allows better management of users and groups. Any change in the directory (new user account, change password, disabling an account, ...) directly impacts NetExplorer.

  • No user or group to recreate in NetExplorer: the connection is direct and total, you have access to all available users and groups on domain.
  • Select the directory groups are allowed to connect to NetExplorer.
  • Adding users and groups in NetExplorer remains available to provide access to people who do not have accounts on the directory.

* : Functionality present on licenses Pro, Business and Premium.

** : Functionality present on licenses Business and Premium.

*** : Feature found only on the Premium license.